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Change Plan

Price 15 CAD  / month

Roll Over Time Passes

$15 monthly base membership.
Hours roll over from month to month!

Once you have signed up, buy your booking pass and reserve your hours through our booking calendar

Can be used by more than one person (simply make several bookings using your credits).

Hot desk/ common area
8.0h : $45
50.0h : $200

Small Meeting room:
16.0h : $160 CAD

Large Meeting Room:
8.0h : $160

Booking Passes
  • 8.0h Hot desk/ common area : 35 CAD
  • 60.0h Hot desk/ common area : 195 CAD
  • 16.0h Small Meeting Room: 160 CAD
  • 8.0h Large Meeting Room : 160 CAD
  • 4.0h Large Meeting Room : 100 CAD
  • 1.0h Large Meeting Room : 35 CAD
  • 1.0h Small Meeting Room: 20 CAD

This plan renews automatically.

Plan start date: Jun 20

Prorated amount for June: 5.50 CAD

Regular membership due: Jul 01 2018

Make sure to select today's date so you can access our booking calendar and buy your time passes to make future bookings. 

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