Change Plan

Price 25 CAD  / month

Mailbox Service

Our address is:

#400, 319 W Hastings st
Vancouver, BC V6B 1H6

Just make sure to include your name so that we know that the package/ envelope is meant for you.

We can forward up to 5 letters in a month at no additional cost. For other forwarding services and larger packages, we would just charge you the price of the postage or shipping fee.

- ANY size packages accepted
- Same day notification (email or text)
- We can scan your letters
- We can forward your mail
- You may use it to get a Google My Business Verification code

Booking Passes
  • 1.0h Large Meeting Room : 35 CAD
  • 4.0h Large Meeting Room : 100 CAD
  • 8.0h Large Meeting Room : 160 CAD
  • 16.0h Large Meeting Room : 240 CAD
  • 1.0h Small Meeting Room: 20 CAD
  • 8.0h Small Meeting Room: 120 CAD
  • 16.0h Large Meeting Room : 160 CAD

This plan renews automatically.


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